Air Conditioning

In hot & humid weather like in the UAE air conditioning is an integral part of our life. Aside from cooling, the purpose of air conditioning is to circulate clean and healthy air for our comfort. It is importance to keep AC system maintained at all times to achieve optimum efficiency,  prevent unexpected breakdown and negative effect on in quality of air that we breathe causing various health issues. Also regular AC maintenance will significantly reduce energy consumption, extend the life of AC units and protect the environment.

Al Hilal Maintenance Work has a team of skilled and experienced technician to undertake all kinds of AC repairs and maintenance services.  How so ever complicated is the problem, our skilled technicians will do a proper diagnosis and recommend a cost effective solution. We are ready and await your calls.


Electricity is one of the basic needs in our life. Electrical faults are unpredictable and can occur at any time due to various reasons. In day to day life we experience malfunctioning of switches, plug sockets, light fixtures and tripping of circuit breaker etc. On the other hand a simple short circuit can cause an emergency situation beyond our control like damage to expensive appliances, total power failure and serious fires.

Prevention of potential problems and their proper diagnoses when they occur is only possible through specialist electrician and not a layman. Our experienced team of electricians is fully equipped to safely handle any electrical failure and take preventive measures to safeguard emergencies. This is to ensure that you are in safe hands.


Proper plumbing is vital for efficient use of water and prevention of all potential problems that are likely to occur. The possible problems could be visible pipe leakages, rusty pipes and water heater bursts, underground water pipe leakages, malfunctioning of the plumbing accessories, water pump failure and blockage of sewerage pipes etc. The effect of all potential problems is a lot of inconvenience, increased water consumption, possible damage to building structure and related health issues.

Al Hilal Maintenance work has trained and experience plumbers who have the right skills to serve its valued clients. We understand the importance of protecting your property from damage caused by faulty plumbing system and deal with it in a professional manner. Our teams are on standby to help you solve all your plumbing needs by providing cost effective and reliable solutions including 24 hours emergency response.


Al Hilal Maintenance work offers to its clients a variety of renovation and refurbishment options that can add value and enhance your home as you aspire. We have skilled personnel to understand your specific requirements and offer practical advice based on different life style needs to create a home that is truly unique and comfortable. Not only that we do it at a most competitive price and ensure timely completion to meet your expectations.

We do to full home refurbishment that includes: All types of carpentry works- making wooden wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, wooden flooring, false ceiling, pergola & gazebo etc; Masonry works – tiling, marble flooring, partition walls and decorative work etc; Painting– wall painting internal & external, spray paint doors, cabinets and stairs case etc. We have an effective tie-up with leading suppliers of tiles, sanitary products and kitchen appliances etc in the market to make it easy and hassle free for you. Call us for any kind of refurbishment work and Al Hilal will not disappoint you.