Air Conditioning

In hot & humid weather like in the UAE air conditioning is an integral part of our life. Aside from cooling the purpose of air conditioning is

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Electricity is one of the basic needs in our life. Electrical faults are unpredictable and can occur at any time due to various reasons.

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Proper plumbing is vital for efficient use of water and prevention of all potential problems that are likely to occur. The possible problems

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Al Hilal Maintenance work offers to its clients a variety of renovation and refurbishment options that can add value and enhance

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Welcome to AL Hilal Maintenance Work, a company that is specialized in providing home maintenance services designed to fulfill customer needs from smallest job to full home renovation and refurbishment. Our team of specialists is fully committed to meet customer satisfaction by ensuring loyalty and reliability. Keeping in view customer expectations that are not always easy to achieve, every possible effort is made to accurately understand and evaluate their requirement. Thus ensuring customer gets desired quality of work at the right price.

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Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the team do in my villas, they are always very professional and friendly, always a pleasure dealing with them.
Take Care

I would like to express, once again, our full satisfaction regarding the 5 years maintenance service you have been able to provide to us. You have a very professional team, dedicated and really listening to our issue, with all the time a prompt service,

Thanks again,


Nevertheless, you and your team have worked tirelessly to fix our issues and we’ve always had faith in your ability.  Your “can do, will do” attitude is very commendable and we must acknowledge and give credit when it’s deserved.
Best regards,